Health Benefits of The Various Spices Used in Indian Food

Indian spices are lauded worldwide not only for their exquisite flavours but also because of the various health benefits they can offer. This is one of the reasons why Indian food is rich in certain spices; the two-fold advantage is hard to ignore. Such flavours are added into virtually all Bhartiya dishes to bring out the best in them, both in terms of taste and health. Here are some of the spices that you might fancy knowing can be healthy. Even the raw states of some of these can be beneficial.


Turmeric is one of the prime spices sprinkled in Indian cuisines. It enhances the tang of the dish tremendously, and there are hardly any curries in the world that don’t have a pinch of turmeric added into the mix. But above all, it is extremely healthy in more ways than one. To begin with, it helps in reducing brain inflammation, which is associated with conditions like Alzheimer’s, and Arthritis. Studies and experiments suggest that curcumin can improve memory. Moreover, research has also proven that curcumin has certain anti-cancer properties. This is apart from the benefits it offers to wounds. People also apply the turmeric solution on their skin to reap the benefits of its anti-aging properties. In a nutshell, there is a lot of “anti(s)” associated with turmeric, and there is no reason why this ingredient shouldn’t be a part of your daily diet. Search “Indian restaurant in Narre Warren” or “butter chicken near you” to try a turmeric-rich dish today. 


Ginger is again a spice that has become a permanent part of an Indian kitchen. Nearly all spicy dishes consist of a few fingers of ginger, primarily used to enhance taste, but it also has certain delightful health benefits. For one, it can help in combating diarrhea and nausea. In addition to this, it can be used to treat a stomach ache. It is especially effective against nausea caused due to pregnancy. Furthermore, people with motion sickness could find haven in ginger too. Fire up your search engine and punch in “Indian restaurant in Casey” or “Indian food near you”, to savour the essence of ginger. 


Garlic is another quintessential spice that is frequently added to several Indian dishes. This ingredient has its own set of health benefits to offer. The supreme health benefit of garlic is its ability to prevent heart diseases. It keeps the blood vessels of a human body flexible and wards off high cholesterol, which is often associated with increased chances of heart attacks. To that end, many heart doctors suggest the consumption of garlic. Not only is it added in food items, but people also savour garlic tea, a herbal tonic that also includes lemon and honey and can prove to be exponentially beneficial to your health in general. To try the herbal tea, or a dish packed with garlic, type “veg Indian food near you”, or *best biryani near you*, and reserve a table at a fine restaurant. You won’t regret it.