Indian Food Restaurant in Lynbrook

Did you know that tender pieces of chicken could be used to make unnumbered kinds of dishes using different combinations of aromatic spices and flavours? You can experience the diversity of meat only when you experience the delicacies from India. We can cook meat in butter sauce, schezwan sauce, fiery masalas, milk, and whatnot. With every change in the ingredient, the tang of the chicken becomes even more savoury. If this description was enough to make your mouth water, imagine digging into a plate of butter chicken, or meat glazed with cream. Book a table at Fathima’s Indian Kitchen, Indian Restaurant in Lynbrook, to try the diverse menu of India.

If you’re searching for a classic Indian food restaurant in Lynbrook to treat your friends and family with piquant dishes of Indian cuisine, Fathima’s Indian Kitchen is the place to be. Browse through our assorted entree, main course, drinks, and dessert menu, and experience the magnificence of Indian cuisine in its finest form.