Indian Food Restaurant in Mulgrave

Be it syrup-glazed balls of Gulab Jamun, a bowl of delicious Indian kheer, or a variety of spicy Bhartiya main course dishes that will leave you wanting for more, the diverse menu Fathima’s Indian Kitchen offers all and sundry dishes from the Indian subcontinent. If there’s any Indian restaurant in Mulgrave that will allow you to experience the authentic taste of the cuisine, it’s here. From drinks, desserts to entrees, our entire menu mirrors the culture of India and all its shades and flavours. Our non-veg menu is chef’s kiss! 

 If you’re looking to treat your family at an Indian food restaurant in Mulgrave, book a table at Fathima’s Indian Kitchen and experience the Indian delicacy right in your neighbourhood. Dig into our meat-based dishes, or browse through our vegan options, we’ve got something in store for all the kinds of taste buds. Reserve a table at our Indian Food Restaurant in Mulgrave today, or order online if you live near the locality.